Ask Navy Blazer: What was your Alma Mater?

As a community of young adults and professionals, a large number of Navy Blazer members are either applying to college, in college, or recent college graduates.

We asked our members to talk about their college experiences. What was it like applying? What organizations should you get involved with? What was the party scene like? Here’s the inside scoop from some of our members on Reddit

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One Response to “Ask Navy Blazer: What was your Alma Mater?

  • Union College checking in from chilling Schenectady, New York. I think the most important question to ask yourself when applying to schools is this: do I see myself living here for 4 years and loving it? If no, forget it. If yes, matriculate.

    Union is 75% Greek, yet I did not join because I am an athlete. Our sports off campus houses are essentially fraternities. For a student body of 2,300, the social scene is abundant, with parties four days a week and during the spring, everyday.

    Union definitely has a study hard party hard mentality and it pays off. Union boasts a very reputable alumni base with connections in nearly every industry. That’s how I got my first job.

    I would say Union is fairly preppy, with most students coming from New England prep schools, that being said as Union admissions become more selective, it’s becoming less about can an applicant afford tuition, but rather one’s intellect and capability.

    Union is transitioning as a small liberal arts college, but none the less harbored some of the best years of my short 22 year life.

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